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Pump it up – how to help your friends and family avoid being financial couch potatoes

Pump it up – how to help your friends and family avoid being financial couch potatoes

This article is for information only and no recommendation is being made or should be construed from the contents of the article. Always seek independent financial advice prior to taking any action.

As a client of Prosperity IFA  you have the equivalent of personal finance trainers working for you, with the all benefits that can bring to your overall long-term wealth. For friends, family and colleagues who don’t yet have the funds to need this service, there’s a real danger they can become financial couch potatoes, with any money they do save doing very little or no work, especially if it’s held in bank deposit accounts or cash ISAs.

With the help of Prosperity IFA , you have the power to show them how they can flex their savings muscles without breaking sweat. How?

Banks currently offer ridiculously low interest rates – often below the rate of inflation – so any money tucked away there is just snoozing and, ultimately, losing because, in real terms, its value is actually worth less than has been saved. The alternative is to use an ‘active’ savings scheme, one that invests the funds into stocks, shares and other products designed to make the money work much harder and deliver better long-term results.

Just like going to the gym, it’s a bad idea to simply fling yourself into this sort of savings because if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s possible to get hurt. That’s where we can help. Helping your friends and family to get off the financial couch is easy using our simple with the Prosperity IFA Online Advice tool which will guide them to the right savings solution for their long-term goals.

The tool uses a step-by-step process that will help them think about their financial future and lifetime goals. It will help them identify their risk appetite and, importantly, their capacity for loss and then match them with an investment fund package that uses their tax-free ISA allowance. The fund packages bring together different types of investment options, blended together to produce solutions that take into account the risk profile of the individual. The whole process can completed online in less than 15 minutes…even from a couch! Find out more here.

If you’re feeling really generous you could consider helping them make a start, by gifting up to £3,000 a year tax free each year. If you give them larger amounts and you die within seven years of making the gift, they will have to fork out the tax, which could be as much as 40%. Have a chat with us if you would like more information about this.

Referral bonus

We’ll give £50 each in Amazon vouchers to both you and whoever you refer when they start using the platform. All you have to do is email us with the names and email addresses of the people you are referring. Once they invest through the platform we’ll contact you to arrange delivery of your vouchers.

Send your referrals to or contact your adviser.

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