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Investing for your future and that of your dependents is not something to take lightly and at Prosperity IFA we have a vast amount of expertise in this area.

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Whatever your stage of life, it is important to plan for your future. Pensions can be a great way to save, but with so many choices on the market it can be difficult deciding which one is the best for you.

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Tax Planning

Our tax planning ranges from the straightforward options that everyone should be aware of, to more bespoke arrangements for those with more complicated or more profitable businesses.

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Life & Health Insurance

When choosing life insurance, it is important you select the right type of policy that suits you. Sometimes you might need more than one policy – for example if you want cover for your mortgage and also want to make some provision for your family.

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Estate Planning

Prosperity IFA can help you with all aspects of estate planning; writing a will, the creation of trusts, funeral planning and, most importantly to reduce, or even potentially mitigate, inheritance tax.

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School Fees Planning

As with all our services that we offer, our plans are bespoke, making sure your school fees are affordable, efficient and sustainable, and often presenting huge savings

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At Prosperity IFA, as all our advisors are completely independent, we have access to the whole of market and will find the best deal for your particular circumstances.

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Equity Release

If you are heading towards retirement and are looking for a way to free up some additional funds, a life time mortgage could be the perfect solution.

The financial conduct authority does not regulate tax planning, some forms of commercial finance and some forms of business planning.

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