Pension Planning

Keeping up with the legislation and regulations for company and workplace pensions can be challenging. Setting up and managing a company scheme is complex and it can be difficult to know whether you’ve got the best system for your employees and for yourself.

At Prosperity IFA, our team of advisors have years of experience in financial planning, investment portfolio management and employee benefit strategies. We can put your mind at rest and make sure that your current pension scheme complies with all statutory requirements.

We specialise is all areas of Corporate Pensions:

Auto Enrolment: The Government has now made it compulsory for all business owners to start a pension for their employees and to contribute to it. They will need to be automatically enrolled in it as they become eligible. There is a huge responsibility on the business owner to pick the right scheme, make sure it has been approved, ensure it has the right fund choices for the employees and that they are fully informed about their options. At Prosperity IFA we can advise you on the best route to take and manage this process for you.

Company Schemes: As a business owner, what type of scheme is best for you and your company? In some circumstances you can use your pension scheme as a tool to make your whole business more tax efficient. Talk to us at Prosperity IFA to understand how you could use pensions as a tax planning tool so you can run a more profitable and extensive business.

Executive Pensions: When setting up a corporate pensions scheme you may want to offer better terms to your key directors and senior managers providing enhanced pension terms to recognise their value in the business. There are many different ways Prosperity IFA can help you set up a specialised corporate pension scheme that could truly benefit business in many ways such as reducing your corporation tax and investing in your business or business property.

Talk to one of our specialist Pension Advisors to understand how your business could benefit from the right scheme.

To find out more about the Pension Planning services we can offer, please speak to one of our advisors.

The financial conduct authority does not regulate some forms of business financial planning including auto enrollment.

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