Equity Release

If you are heading towards retirement and are looking for a way to free up some additional funds, whether it is to pay off your existing mortgage before it comes to the end of it’s term, to top up a potential pension shortfall or if you are looking to help younger family members to get on the property ladder, a life time mortgage could be the perfect solution.

The type of Equity Release scheme we offer is in the form of a Lifetime Mortgage. This allows you to tap into the wealth you’ve accumulated in your property without the upheaval of moving.

With this service you will always retain legal ownership of your home and It will give you the flexibility to release cash as and when you need it, giving you greater control of your finances.

As respected and experienced financial advisors, we will always make sure you are aware of any considerations when making important decisions.

A lifetime mortgage will reduce the amount of inheritance you can leave. But, we know how important it is for you to have the option to leave something for your loved ones, we can look to recommend schemes that provide an inheritance protection guarantee that lets you safeguard a percentage of your home’s value.

With Equity Release there are no monthly repayments – the interest is added to the loan and to any interest previously added each year. The loan and interest are repaid in full, usually from the sale of your home, when you die or go into long-term. However there is no risk of negative equity, meaning that neither you or your loved ones will owe more than the value of your home.

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A lifetime mortgage will be secured against your home

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