Life Insurance Tunbridge Wells

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Life  insurance tunbridge wells

There are many different types of insurance policy designed to cover many different situations and outcomes.  From straight forward life insurance through to income protection and unemployment cover.

By going through a fact find, as we do with all aspects of your financial plan, we are able to make a recommendation to you based on your needs and objectives.

When it comes to actual life insurance, we look at your situation as a whole, we realise that simply paying off a mortgage for example, is not the be all and end all.  What about loss of income, your loved ones may be living in a mortgage free property but where is the income coming from to help them stay there?  We will take all of these considerations into our recommendation to you.

We want you to be safe in the knowledge that if anything were to happen to you then your loved ones would be able to continue living the life that they are accustomed to, it is bad enough losing a loved one, but to lose everything else too just compounds that loss.

Life Insurance is an important part of any financial plan and therefore it is important to get it right, most advisors will sell you a cheap policy to cover a debt, we will provide you with real advice.

Alongside the life insurance element is Critical or Serious Illness cover, what would happen to you and your loved ones if you were to become seriously ill.  This type of insurance is often overlooked as people just think that it is too expensive.  We would argue that it could be a whole lot more expensive and damaging to your family if you do not have at least some cover.  What if you became seriously ill and could not work for a long period of time, would your employer continue to pay you?  More importantly would they continue to pay you at a level that would support your family?

Then there are the insurances that can cover you should you experience other life events such as redundancy, an accident or sickness.

By gathering information on your situation such as Assets, liabilities, dependents, income and expenditure to name a few we can make a bespoke recommendation to you that gives you peace of mind.  We are independent so you know that we can source from the whole market and provide you with not necessarily the cheapest, but certainly the best policy for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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