Mortgage Tunbridge Wells

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Mortgage Tunbridge Wells

Buying and moving home can be one of the most stressful experiences in life so imagine adding the stress of finding the right mortgage to that already painful enough experience.  We take all the stress away from you so that you can just enjoy and look forward to moving in to your new home.

We begin by going through a fact finding exercise with you so that we have a full understanding of your current position and what you are trying to achieve.   We then look at your income and expenditure and assets and liabilities and can guide you on suitable products that will help you in that all important purchase of your new home.

It is important not to be blinded by rate, as with most things, there are headline rates designed to get peoples attention and then the actual rates available are subject to a realm of criteria.  What we do by running a full analysis of your situation is start with the criteria, this way we are able to provide you with a product that is suitable and achievable for you.  It also allows us to present your case to a lender in a way that it looks attractive to them as we have done all of the background work for them.  All that’s left for them to do is credit searches and valuations.

We work closely with the lenders and have regular visits to team meetings from them so that we have a good understanding of their underwriting processes and requirements.  On this basis we may sometimes ask you for information which you may think is unnecessary, it is all in your best interests though and we will only ever ask you for information if it is absolutely relevant to your application.

A very similar process applies to all mortgages and secured loans, the fact find allows us to come back to you with the right recommendation.  This could be for a residential purpose, a buy to let, a second charge loan, further borrowing, bridging loans or even a commercial mortgage.

*Your property is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

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