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Cash Flow Planning Crowborough. Using state of the art technology we bring your long term financial goals to life.  By gaining a total understanding of where you are now and where you would like to be in the future we can help to model likely scenarios and situations to help you achieve those goals.  Cash flow planning is not a new concept in itself but the way that we put it together for you and linked to Goals Based Investing is certainly revolutionary.

We will start off by drilling down on your long term goals and objectives, finding out what you really want to achieve and how realistic those goals are.  We know that everybody wants their investments to grow but we want to understand what you want them to grow for.  Is it to realise a lump sum in retirement, to pay for a once in a lifetime holiday or are you looking for the maximum sustainable income to fund a worry free retirement.

Once we have ascertained your goals we will then look at your income and expenditure in detail, both now and what expectations there are for both in the future.  We will factor in such things as State Pension Age, Mortgage Redemption date and tax free cash availability so that the plan takes in to account as many different scenarios as possible, we can then also help you understand when your retirement savings are likely to run out.  A popular feature of this service has been to show clients the different levels of income that they can likely draw to either run the fund down to Zero at a set age or to try and maintain that capital and draw an income that should leave a legacy to loved ones.

The Cash Flow Plan is a working document and is likely to change on a regular basis or at least at the annual planning meeting that our investment clients have.

If we believe that there is a shortfall in your savings in comparison to what you are trying to achieve then we will calculate the levels of contributions that will be needed to increase the values of your plans to get them to a level that will satisfy your objectives.  This plan will develop as your situation changes, maybe through changes in income, either up or down, or through receipt of lump sums, maybe in the form of bonuses or inheritance.

Whatever happens on your financial journey, we are there to help and keep you on track to achieve your goals.

So if you are looking for the best advisors in your local area you can contact us and get the best cash flow planning in Crowborough. We hope to see you soon.

*The value of your investments can go down as well as up and past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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