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Exciting Updates from Harry Kendall: Kicking Off the Competition Season

We are thrilled to share the latest update from our sponsored athlete, Harry Kendall, as he embarks on his competition season. Harry’s dedication and perseverance continue to inspire us, and we are proud to support him on his journey.

Successful Training Camp in Portugal
At the end of April, Harry spent two weeks at a training camp in Portugal. Despite managing a challenging pelvis and groin injury for several months, the warm weather and focused environment proved to be just what he needed. Harry reported that he experienced no adverse reactions in the injured areas, allowing him to train intensively and effectively. He returned home feeling fit, healthy, and a bit tired from the rigorous sessions.

First Decathlon of the Season in Tenerife
Just five days after returning from Portugal, Harry headed to Tenerife to kick off his competition season with his first decathlon. His goals for the event were clear: see improvements, finish injury-free, and aim for an overall score close to 8000 points. While the competition didn’t go exactly as planned, Harry remains incredibly positive. He finished in the top six at a World Tour Gold event, which is the highest level of competition outside the Olympics and World Championships. This is a significant achievement and a promising start to the season.

Looking Ahead
Now back in the UK, Harry is ready for another hard block of training. He is completely focused on refining the elements he needs to improve and is determined to continue progressing. Harry will keep us updated with his training and upcoming competitions and share photos from his recent decathlon in Tenerife soon.

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